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My $1.50 Bucket Planter

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Everyone has seen the infomercial about the upside down hanging tomato planter. Well, I made this for $1.50 and the price of the plant. You can see how easy it is and the bucket is durable enough to last several seasons.

Download the my-bucket-garden-book

Or Watch the video…


See below for step by step instructions. It took me 10 minutes, once I had the materials organized…


  1. 1 Gallon Plastic Bucket
  2. 1 Plant
  3. 1 empty 2 liter plastic bottle
  4. Compost or potting soil


Tools Needed:

  1. Standard Drill
  2. 1″ Spade Bit
  3. 4″ Hanger

Step One:

Turn the 1 Gallon Bucket Upside Down and locate the center. This bucket had the original dimple identifying the middle, so it was very easy to find. Drill a 1″ hole through the bottom of the bucketdsc00002


Once the hole is made for the plant to be inserted, I needed a way to keep it from sliding out until the roots took hold. I thought using a 2 liter bottle would do the trick. I took an empty clean one and cut the about 3″ off the top with a small utility knife.


Once complete, I wanted to insert the bottle through the hole. I discovered that by using a 1″ spade bit, I was able to literally screw the bottle into the hole. Sometimes things just work out…



Now that the plastic bottle was secure, I gently worked the plant through the hole. I determined this would be better than trying to go the other way which could damage the roots. I figured inserting the leaves through the hole would be less traumatizing to the tomato plant.


Once the plant was stabilized, I added the appropriate compost and soil to the inside of the bucket and hung them from a hook on my shed. This literally took 10 minutes from start to finish. We’ll continue to post pictures as the plants grow and begin to bear fruit. I planted cherry tomatoes and Jalapeno peppers in this picture.


Update 5/10 – This picture below shows it is doing fine.