My $1.50 Bucket Planter

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2009 at 3:51 pm

Everyone has seen the infomercial about the upside down hanging tomato planter. Well, I made this for $1.50 and the price of the plant. You can see how easy it is and the bucket is durable enough to last several seasons.

Download the my-bucket-garden-book

Or Watch the video…


See below for step by step instructions. It took me 10 minutes, once I had the materials organized…


  1. 1 Gallon Plastic Bucket
  2. 1 Plant
  3. 1 empty 2 liter plastic bottle
  4. Compost or potting soil


Tools Needed:

  1. Standard Drill
  2. 1″ Spade Bit
  3. 4″ Hanger

Step One:

Turn the 1 Gallon Bucket Upside Down and locate the center. This bucket had the original dimple identifying the middle, so it was very easy to find. Drill a 1″ hole through the bottom of the bucketdsc00002


Once the hole is made for the plant to be inserted, I needed a way to keep it from sliding out until the roots took hold. I thought using a 2 liter bottle would do the trick. I took an empty clean one and cut the about 3″ off the top with a small utility knife.


Once complete, I wanted to insert the bottle through the hole. I discovered that by using a 1″ spade bit, I was able to literally screw the bottle into the hole. Sometimes things just work out…



Now that the plastic bottle was secure, I gently worked the plant through the hole. I determined this would be better than trying to go the other way which could damage the roots. I figured inserting the leaves through the hole would be less traumatizing to the tomato plant.


Once the plant was stabilized, I added the appropriate compost and soil to the inside of the bucket and hung them from a hook on my shed. This literally took 10 minutes from start to finish. We’ll continue to post pictures as the plants grow and begin to bear fruit. I planted cherry tomatoes and Jalapeno peppers in this picture.


Update 5/10 – This picture below shows it is doing fine.


  1. Very clever! Hope it works out. Looks like your plant is growing well.

  2. Here’s hoping you cut into the profits generated by those ridiculous TV ads. Imagine paying $19.95 plus overpriced shipping and handling for thirty cents worth of material. Good going.

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